$40 (redeemable on product or services)

An initial Skin Analysis is a must-do step for all new clients. This consultation will provide you with all the information you need to understand, treat and transform your skin both in clinic and at home. Our skin analysis machine analyses the skin at both superficial level and dermal level. It provides images assessing texture, pigmentation, oil flow, hydration, vascularity, capillaries and bacteria. A full treatment Plan & home care prescription will be provided.
45 minutes $89
60 minutes (includes mask) $126
A gentle, highly effective method of exfoliating the top layer of the skin. This treatment exfoliates, evens skin texture & brightens the skin by working a surgical stainless-steel blade over the skin to lift dead skin and remove vellus hair (peach fuzz). The skin will look instantly brighter, smoother and more radiant. These results last for a minimum of 2 weeks before fine facial hair begins to grow back.
Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy
60 minutes $132
Exfoliation + Peel 75 minutes $165
The circulatory system plays a key role in a holistic approach to skin health. This treatment includes a special formulated tightening mask designed to work with your circulatory system. This organ system is responsible for removing waste via our Lymphatic, & nourishing our cells & tissues via our blood supply. Your skin will be left feeling plump, hydrated, clear & bright.
Mindfulness Facial
75 minutes $143
90 minutes $189
The 90 minute treatment is further enhanced by the addition of a corrective peel and LED light therapy, providing you a glowing result.
A wholistic skin & mind experience created for skin health and mental well-being. An experience guaranteed to leave your skin glowing from within, your mind alive and your being empowered. This facial experience is unique and unlike any other facial. A skin treatment combined with a guided POWER -TUDE mindfulness session where you can put on headsets, forget the noise of the outside world and focus on a mindfulness journey that will calm, refresh and ultimately inspire you.
Skin Therapy
45 minutes $99
A customised treatment designed to give you the most noticeable results for the skin you are in. Your skin will feel hydrated, nourished & rejuvenated. Also includes a relaxing neck & shoulder massage.
30 minutes $105
45 minutes $126
This treatment provides the deepest clean possible. A gentle diamond tip provides deep exfoliation combined with a vacuum suction that cleans out pores. A gentle diamond tip with a combined use of water then washes out each & every pore. This will soothe, calm & hydrate the skin.
60 minutes $126

Based on medical strength actives, these corrective skin treatments work skin deep offering intense skin changing results. A course once a week of 6 – 8 sessions is normally sufficient enough to change cell behaviour.
Peel options available:
Pumpkin Enzyme and Fruit Acid Peel: A gentle peel for all skin types, especially sun damaged, ageing & uneven skin tone.
Oxygenating Enzyme Peel: Natural fruit peel with papaya, pumpkin & pomegranate enzymes in one, offers intense oxygenation & skin pick me up.
Biowhite: A high strength Vitamin C & peptide peel especially for pigmented, dull & uneven skin tone.
Catalyst Retinal Peel: Vitamin A, B3 & AHA skin correction treatment for most skins.
Alpha-beta Peel: Serious skin resurfacing peel made of concentrated levels of lactic acid, AHA’s, BHA’s & B3. Not for the faint hearted or before a special occasion.
30 minutes $70
Includes cleanse, exfoliation 20 minute LED treatment, corrective serum and SPF application
Treatment upgrade $40
Package of 10 (this is LED treatment only) $300

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive revolutionary light therapy which can minimise pore size, improve health/vibrancy of the skin, promote healing of damaged or compromised skin, remove bacteria which causes redness & inflammation in acne – prone skin.
Skin Needling

A Dermapen treatment is tailored to your skin concerns will be performed. Tiny punctures in the surface of the skin will produce an immune response, and subsequently the production of new collagen. The results will be tighter, firmer skin. The channels produced during the treatment act as a pathways for topical nutrients to be infused deep within your skin to correct your concerns.

The Dermapen can be performed safely near & over the eye area, on the neck and decolletage or on parts of the body to treat newly formed stretch marks. It is safe to be performed on all skin types and tones. A cooling mask infused with super hydrating ingredients will ensure skin is plump with minimal downtime.
Dermapen Pro – includes Uber Peel

Single Face + Neck $263
Package: 4 DP Treatments & 4 Power Peels (fortnightly treatments) $1052
Dermapen Elite – Meso glide infusion & Mask – Uber Peel

Single $323
Package: 4 DP Treatments & 4 Power Peels (fortnightly Treatments) $1292

Decolletage $50
Hands $50
Scars Stretch Marks from $35
Programs + treatment Courses Available

Expect results with the creation of a personal program designed for you. Also maximise your benefits with consecutive treatments.
Initial Consult & Test Patch $40
(redeemable on first treatment)
Chin $29
Lip $29
G-String $55
Underarms $49
Bikini $49
Half Leg Lower $160
Sides of face/cheek $59
Brazilian $79
Half Leg – Upper $79
Full Leg $229
Half Arm $119
Full Arm $160
Snail Trail $34
Full Back $180
Chest & Abs $159
Pigmentation, Capillary (Face only), Acne & Ageing
Initial Consult & Test Patch $40
(redeemable on first treatment)
Full Face, Neck & Décolletage $299
Hands $129
Individual Blemishes $39
Plus $5 per spot
Nose, Cheek & Chin $247
Full price list available on booking page
RF Skin Tightening
Radio Frequency, also referred to as RF, is a fantastic treatment for tightening loose or sagging skin on any area of the face or body to produce firmer, more youthful looking skin.
Skin Consultation $40
(redeemable on first treatment)
Face & Neck $189
Eyes $59
Forehead $79
Neck $99
Tummy $129
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